History of Georgia takes a root from period of the Stone Age. This area was inhabited since the ancient times and got through the many stages of development until it became exquisite and active part of tourism industry. The uniqueness of Georgia is revealed in its Geographical placement – it is located at a crossroads of Europe and Asia. Due to an acquisition of these two cultures, tourists visiting Georgia have an opportunity to enjoy its diverse nature and amazing, inexhaustible resources. Geographically, Georgia is bordered from the west by the Black Sea, from the north — the Russian Federation, in the southeast — Azerbaijan and from the south — Armenia and Turkey.
lies at an ancient network of trade routes, connecting different country cultures of North and South, West and East through the centuries. That’s the bridge connecting Europe and Asia known as Great Silk road. Great Silk Road promoted economic and cultural relations between Eastern and Western civilizations. Population of Georgia is apx. 5 million people. Official language is Georgian. The official currency is the Georgian Lari (₾) (Gel). Despite of a small size of country climate in Georgia is extremely diverse. The highest point is Shkhara – at an altitude of 5.068 m. The lowest point is areas near the Paliastomi lake minus 2 meters from the sea level. The majority of the population of Georgia (83.9%) is Orthodox Christians.