Svaneti – Trip to Insanity!
Heaven On Earth – Amazing Tusheti

Georgia-first place fot traveling

History of Georgia takes a root from period of the Stone Age. This area was inhabited since the ancient times and got through the many stages of development until it became exquisite and active part of tourism industry. The uniqueness of Georgia is revealed in its Geographical placement – it is located at a crossroads of Europe and Asia. Due to an acquisition of these two cultures, tourists visiting Georgia have an opportunity to enjoy its diverse nature and amazing, inexhaustible resources.

Recreational Resorts Of Georgia

Located at the junction of Western Asia and Easter Europe, Georgia, is one of the richest countries with diverse nature, amazing scenery, unforgettable mountains, canyons, dessert, seaside, forests. But not only beauty of nature makes it exquisite, also there are different recreational resorts, which will help you to get in shape and strengthen your health.

Svaneti – Trip to Insanity!

Georgia with its diverse nature has much to offer for travelers. Every region has its own must see places, which make them unique and exquisite. But not only nature, also traditions and native customs determines the history and exclusiveness of each region.

Taste of Georgia

Have you ever loved something so deeply that you would condemn yourself to the eternity in hell?! So, Georgian cuisine is beyond that kind of love. You will absolutely adore it. Georgians are not just making dinner or cooking they create art from it and every dish is like unique, exquisite and just unforgettable masterpiece.

Taste of Georgia (Part II)

As I wrote in previous post, Georgian cuisine is very diverse and actually, it’s very hard to decide about which dishes to talk about. Each of them has its own typical taste and I think there is no one on earth who will not find his favorite dish from Georgian cuisine.

Heaven On Earth – Amazing Tusheti

Georgia has so much to offer for travelers. It’s diverse nature is one of the richest in the region of Caucasus. In this post I want to talk about most beautiful region of Georgia – Tusheti. Amazing and unspoiled Tusheti is located in east-western part of Georgia, on the eastern slope of Caucasus. This area of highlands is 1650-4493 meters above sea level and is very difficult to access. It’s only possible to get there during summertime. In the rest of the year, the way to Tusheti is closed. Road to Tusheti starts from Kakheti Region and then continues through the Abano Path which is 2926 meters from the sea level.

Legend Beyond Georgian History

Legends play a big role in every country’s history. True or not, they are interesting and always leave some kind of mystery about a place in our mind and they create a certain picture that memorizes in our head.

The Art Of Making Culture From Georgians

Clothing is one of the main part of the national culture, which is composed of the national character, lifestyle and geographic basis. At the same time, in the formation of the type and style of clothing the economic and social situation plays a big role. This is why this or that form of clothing is tipical to only one nation.

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