Recreational Resorts Of Georgia
Georgia has so much to offer for
travelers. It’s diverse nature is one of the richest in the region of Caucasus.
In this post I want to talk about most beautiful region of Georgia – Tusheti.
Amazing and unspoiled Tusheti is
located in east-western part of Georgia, on the eastern slope of Caucasus. This
area of highlands is 1650-4493 meters above sea level and is very difficult to
access. It’s only possible to get there during summertime. In the rest of the
year, the way to Tusheti is closed.  Road
to Tusheti starts from Kakheti Region and then continues through the Abano Path
which is 2926 meters from the sea level.
Tusheti is divided into four main
societies: Pirikita, Gometsari, Tsova and Chagma.  Administrative center is Omalo, which is part
of Chagma society.




mountains, ridges and peaks covers territory of Tusheti. There are two rivers:
Pirikiti Alazani and Tush Alazani. They are connecting near the village Shenako
and then flow in Daghestan. While travelling in Tusheti you will meet small
lakes and spring waters.


and fauna of Tusheti is very diverse, as you can meet such wild animals as:
bear, chamois, deer, lynx, wild goat, lammergeier, falcon, Golden Eagle etc. In
Tusheti you can find such trees as: pines and birch, which gives Tusheti exquisite
look. Above 2300 meters from the sea level grows rhododendron.
is national park in Tusheti, which is part of protected territories since 2003.




and National Products
Tusheti has many interesting and beautiful traditions. They are part of this
region since ancient times and play a big role in the history of Tusheti.
of the main traditions of Tusheti is the feast of Atnigenoba. It starts on the
100th day from Easter and takes a place for two weeks. During
Atnigenoba aborigines and guests from different regions take part in different
cult services. Host of this feast is called Shulta, who is elected every year
by a village. Atnigenoba can’t be without homemade beer called Aluda, which is specially
made for this feast.
always includes so much joy and happiness and is closed with horse races along
Tusheti. These days are hard to forget for guests.
is known for it’s special cheese – Guda. This cheese is made from sheep’s milk
and has very specific taste. In the formation of it’s flavor plays a big role
not only sheep’s milk but also how it is kept during preparation – Tush people
put it in the skin of sheep and this is a main feature of the cheese.
products made by Tush women, carpets deserve special recognition. They are knitted
with hands and have special geometrical ornaments with bright colors, which are
typical for Tush.





really is heaven on earth and is completely different from other territory of
Georgia. Trip to this amazing and unspoiled place will be unforgettable for


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