The Art Of Making Culture From Georgians


I wrote in previous post, Georgian cuisine is very diverse and actually, it’s very
hard to decide about which dishes to talk about. Each of them has its own typical
taste and I think there is no one on earth who will not find his favorite dish from
Georgian cuisine.
is among top dishes in Georgia.
is one of the main dishes on every feast. It is usually made with these
ingredients: turkey or chicken, walnuts, onions, fenugreek, garlic, saffron, cinnamon,
vinegar, red pepper..

Elardgi and Ghomi – they are made with coarse
corn flour (cornmeal) and fine corn flour. Ghomi is used as a bread. Elardgi is
a version of Ghomi but with melted sulguni cheese in it and I think it is a
must taste dish in Georgia.


Ghomi with Cheese


Chakapuli  – most popular in the springtime. A delicious
lamb stew, made with dry white wine, green plums, tarragon leaves, onions, and

Kharcho – Georgian beef soup. It is
made with meat, seasoned with garlic, onions, khmeli suneli, nuts coriander.

Churchkhela and Gozinakhi – Georgian sweets.
Churchkhela is made with walnuts or sometimes with almonds and hazel nuts. On a
long string they put nuts and then dip it in concentrated fresh grape juice,
which dries into a gelatin-like coating around the nuts. Gozinakhi is a must
sweet on a festive table of new year. Preperation is very simple and
ingredients are walnuts, honey and sugar.


So if you ever decide to travel in
Georgia, don’t forget to taste this incredible dishes and I promise you will
love Georgia and it will love you back.



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