Taste of Georgia (Part II)


Taste of Georgia (part I)

Have you ever loved something so
deeply that you would condemn yourself to the eternity in hell?!  So, Georgian cuisine is beyond that kind of
love.  You will absolutely adore it. Georgians are not just making dinner or
cooking they create art from it and every dish is like unique, exquisite and
just unforgettable masterpiece.

traveling in Georgia, will see that guests on Georgian table are always welcome
and accordingly appreciated, as Georgians believe that guest is ‘gift from
God.’ And, probably it will become most memorable moment of their lives.

Georgians use such kind of spices you will not meet anywhere
around the world. Spices are very important in Georgian cuisine. They are used in
preparing  breakfast, lunch or dinner. It
can be parsley, fennel, ramson, mint, basil, savory, estragon and other greens.
Not a single Georgian dish  is prepared
without spices.

Despite that, Georgian cuisine is
diverse, there are several dishes
you must taste while visiting this beautiful and incredible country.

khachapuri – this is flat cake with cheese, but there are several
varieties of it: Imeretian khachapuri with imeretian cheese, Mengrelian
khachapuri with Sulguni cheese on the top, Adjarian Khachapuri with cheese,
butter and egg filling and Achma – pie with cheese made with several slices of
Adjarian Khachapuri




Imeretian Khachapuri


Mengrelian Khachapuri
is also one of the main dishes of Georgian cuisine. It is dumplings and as a
tradition is eaten with fingers. Forcemeat for khinkali is made from beaf or




is a meat dish which is cooked on an iron sticks over an open flame. There is
used preferably marinated beef or lamb. Cooking with such technique makes meat
juicy and with special aroma. Usually Mtsvadi is eaten with Tkemali – special
kind of sauce made with spices and tkemali itself.





and lobiani
– dishes made with beans. The first one is like bean soup with
seasonings. Seasonings for lobio are onion, vinegar, chilies,
Coriander parsley celery leeks and much more. Lobio is mostly eaten with
cornbread called Mchadi.  Lobiani is pie
with beans with some seasonings and the taste is interesting one.






Georgian cuisine is so diverse I decided to break discussion into two posts. So
this is the first part of our journey in Georgian Tastes. Soon there will be
the last but not least part of our gastro traveling.


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